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Treads - strive to achieve the following benefits ~

  • Assist with the animals creating bonds and friendships.
  • Plant seeds with the achievement of watching the plants grow.
  • Re-pot the plants into the outside containers.
  • Water planting and produce plant feed from weeds and cuttings.
  • Pick and clean produce (potatoes, carrots etc...)
  • Donation of produce to local people on a low income.
  • Learn were food comes from and how its produced.
  • Benefit from tasting & eating home grown food.
  • Assist with loading the waste products into the worm farm.

Aim to help those with disabilities both physical and mental by ~

  • Regaining their self esteem
  • Building confidence
  • Increasing communication skills
  • Equip them with the interactive skills needed to integrate within the wider community.
  • Provide a place where they can be safe and attend outside of their home
  • Meet new people and new friends with similar interests
  • Find different ways in connection with their capabilities to do the same things as abled individuals

Local Community can ~

Dispose of waste products with us, reducing the impact on the local environment.

Produce compost, vegetables and fruit for donation to the local community, helping those on low incomes, better still help them to learn how to grow their own at home.

Producing goods for the community and a feeling of contributing to helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

We have also started discussing our services with another ‘Active Community’ area located within Gorse Hill, the project is The Open Door Project which provides services to local disabled groups who are disadvantaged by their ability and without the service could be confined to their own place of residence with the result of becoming lonely, depressed or contracting illnesses.


Do you have any unwanted garden materials that we could recycle?

  • Plant pots
  • All plants/bulbs/flowers
  • Bamboo canes
  • General garden materials
  • Paving Slabs
  • Block Paving



Would you like to help Treads on our journey, if you could spare a few hours as a volunteer, it would be great to hear from you. Give us a call to discuss how you could help.