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Having suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for over 35 years, the main challenge is getting up each day and not thinking about the problems faced or what may lay ahead. Having spare land available I set myself the challenge to help other people, I realised that by keeping active both physically and mentally has helped me immensely and has kept me positive and out of a wheelchair.

It has always been a personal goal to help provide services to local people and practically those with learning, physical and mental disabilities, also those of us who feel isolated and lonely, having seen the positive results from a previous project first hand.

Treads - The Community Garden is set in one acre of beautiful countryside. I decided to create this project not only to keep myself occupied and not to dwell on my illness, but also with the aim of helping others and give them the opportunity to put into practice the activities that I have learnt over the years and how it can help individuals improve their confidence, health and wellbeing.


  • To create a Community Garden from recycled materials.
  • To encourage people with learning, physical and mental disabilities to take an active role in gardening.
  • To use recycled material wherever possible.
  • To welcome people who feel isolated in the community.
  • To actively promote individuals confidence & wellbeing.

The second stage which is presently on-going is to recycle waste products collected from the locality and use this to produce compost for growing and feeding plants. All produce grown, plants, fruit and vegetables etc.. will be donated to the community to provide a much needed service to people on low imcomes

Would you like to join us?