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I started off by setting up an animal rescue in 1997 that could be used by local people to rehouse their animals I did this due to realising that there was a critical need in the area due to individual circumstances such as; those in long term hospital care, redundancy, those loosing their home and having to take up rental accommodation, divorce separation etc. The outbuildings I built from scratch using recycled materials collected from the local area.

This side of the project has been running for 17 years, funded by myself and run on local contributions by volunteers. It has always been my aim to increase services available to local people and to help those with learning, physical and mental disabilities and social hardships as I have realised the results from this project first hand.

Treads Community Garden project uses recycled waste material such as newspapers, card, stable waste, food, wood and green waste material which is distributed into a worm farm. Virtually any organic waste material can be used, which the worms work on and produce worm casts, which when blended results in high quality compost for use with planting. This end product is utilised within the raised bedding area and can also be donated to local people as compost grow bags, lawn dressing etc.. that can be used to assist disabled and disadvantaged groups.

Within the raised bed area we utilise old disused tyres and tracks which are all manageable for individuals with disabilities and are used as planters, edging etc for the growing of fruit plants, herbs and vegetables. The seeds are planted in position or within a potting shed and grown until they can be planted out. These are then planted within the raised bedding area in the tyre planters and grown up frames in the case of runners and climbers etc.

With the benefits of learning, physical enjoyable exercise and getting closer to nature, being out of the hustle of the town, and producing something edible from a seed is rewarding enough. This also has the added benefits of being as ecologically friendly as possible.

We have already had some local individuals attend and assist on the land, in particular a young lad who is autistic and when after his first visit his mother came to pick him up, she was amazed at the difference in his demeanour. She stated that it was the ‘first time she had seen him smile for a long time’ Which demonstrates the ability in such a short time to make a difference to individual lives.


  • To create a Community Garden from recycled materials.
  • To encourage people with learning, physical and mental disabilities to take an active role in gardening.
  • To use recycled material wherever possible.
  • welcome people who feel isolated in the community.
  • Actively promote individuals confidence & wellbeing.