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You may announce a lost or found pet in the Swindon & District area. Add details here
and we will be happy to include them ...

(Stratton St Margaret) Lost Cat 11th April 2014

2 year old brown spotted Bengal. Heavily pregnant and requires a high degree of vet care. No collar but chipped. Very loved and missed family cat.


Tel:07505 283140

(The Prinnels, Grange Park) Lost Cat 19th March 2014

Gus is 1 year old black and white male shorthair moggy. He has been neutered but not chipped. He is mainly black with white paws and a white tummy and a white spoldge down one side of his nose. Possible sighting by Tregoze School, Grange Park at the weekend.


Tel:07723 375174

(Taw Hill, Swindon) Lost Cat 15th March 2014

Small grey and white persian female, 12 months old. (Long haired)



Tel:07795 085553

(Liddington Warren, Ridgeway) Lost Ferret 9th March 2014

Lost Male Ferret, Liddington Warren Farm - Aldbourne road. He is very friendly, Sandy brown colouring. His name is Kenny and will respond.


Tel:07870 42973

(Central Ward, Swindon) Lost Cat 19th February 2014

Black and white male cat. Mostly black with white nose, belly and paws. He was wearing a blue collar.


Tel:07973 621021

(Thorney Park, Wroughton) Lost Cat 14th February 2014

Lost male cat, long fur, main colour grey, white & silver with cream flecks on face. Beautiful boy, but a little scruffy, about 6 years old. Please help find him. Thank you


Tel:07842 706017

(Taw Hill, Swindon) Lost Cat 31st January 2014

Tabby Cat, male 2 years old. Very friendly. Micro chipped but no collar. Went out late on the 31st and has not returned home which is very odd for him.


Tel:01793 493310

(Penhill, Swindon ) Lost Dog 16th January 2014

Male, Staffordshire bull terrier, pure black with a white diamond on his chest answers to Harley. He is 2 years old incredibly friendly and will approach people.


Tel:07790 845651

(Wroughton Area ) Lost Dog 8th January 2014

Dolly is a 7 month old jack russel. She is black and white and has a few black spots on her coat. Her face has some brown on. Her tail is half black half white. She has a scar on her left side on her stomach which you can feel. I have had her since 4 weeks and she is missed so much. I have been told she was seen walking on the main road towards basset area.

Tel:07503 241071

(Wootton Bassett Road) Lost Dog 15th December 2013

Molly is a border collie, black and white with brown nose and eyebrows. she is about 2 years old and very timid. She has a pink collar on with a name tag.


Tel:07702 291961

(Woodhall Park, Swindon) Lost Kitten 8th December 2013

Our beautiful 9 month old tabby kitten is lost. He was wearing a black collar and responds to the name of Georgie. He was a huge part of our family and our 2 year old is devastated if you see him please contact us.


Tel:07540 882055

(Bute Close, Highworth) Lost Cat 30th November 2013

Gemma is a 12 year old female cat with short fur, mostly grey with some cream patches. She is overweight with a short tail in comparison to the size of the rest of her body. She is neutered, microchipped and was wearing a red collar with a round silver tag on it, with her name, address, owner's name and 3 contact phone numbers on it. She never normally roams far from home.

Tel:07773 126331

(Melksham area) Lost Staffie 19th November 2013

Lost brown and white staffie, he is very friendly and very hyper, amazing around children. If you find him please give us a ring as he is my daughters dog and she is lost without him thanks.


Tel:07551 762957

(Redhouse, Swindon) Lost Cat 31st October 2013

Leo is a thin male tabby cat with a white chest, belly, and front paws. He was last seen at around 5.30pm on Halloween on Dinton Close in the Redhouse area of North Swindon. He does not wear a collar but he has been micro-chipped.

Tel:07936 877367

(Manchester Road) Lost Cat 23rd October 2013

Missing from Manchester Road area since Wednesday, 23 October 2013. A short haired black female whose name is Pantha. Pantha is a 3 years old house cat, who has just moved to the area, so she will probably very confused and not know her bearings.

Her previous homes were at the Railway Village and Commercial Road/Lower Eastcott Hill area, so she could try and make her way back there. In general, she is quite a frightend and timid cat; and cannot normally be coaxed; however, if she is found, please try and keep her so that I can collect her.

Tel: 07760 401514

(Gas Lane, Cricklade) Lost Cat 24th August 2013

Betty is a small tabby cat aged 5 years. She is wearing a red collar and has been micro chipped. went missing from Gas Lane area of Cricklade.


Tel: 01793 752891

(Penhill) Lost Dog 19th July 2013

Collie/Lab X, black with white on his chest and belly, called jet. He is almost 2 years old and has epilepsy, friendly, very worried about him in this heat please if you see or hear anything please help us find him! Thank you.

Tel: 07507 887507

(Cirencester) Lost/Stolen Bulldog 17th July 2013

Oscar is a British Bulldog. He went missing on wednesday 17th at 10:30PM around the Chesterton area. He has a white and brindle coat and a blue collar. We think oscar has been stolen from Cirencester and being sold in Swindon. If anyone has any information whatsoever, please call me:

Tel: 01285 643684

(Hook, Swindon) Lost Cat 14th July 2013

Arnold is a grey cat with a white chest, chin and paws. He is neutered and micrchipped. He is 1 1/2 years old, and last seen on Sunday morning 14th July. Much loved family cat.


Tel: 07976 264623

(Oakhurst, Swindon) Lost Cat 29th June 2013

White female cat, tortoiseshell, mainly white, patches of ginger & black has/had a plastic rust colour collar, please call if you have any information.


Tel: 07584 128118

(Oakhurst, Swindon) Lost Cat 29th June 2013

White female cat, tortoiseshell, mainly white, patches of ginger & black has/had a plastic rust colour collar, please call if you have any information.


Tel: 07584 128118

(Kingsdown, Stratton) Lost Cat 27th June 2013

Black and white male. He has a white mouth, chest, belly and paws and white around his back legs but is mainly black. He is/was, quite big when he went missing . He is short haired and was wearing a bright yellow flea collar. He is nearly 2 and very friendly and loving as I have had him since birth.

Tel: 07887 698073

(New College, Swindon) Lost Cat 17th June 2013

Black long haired neutered male cat, wearing orange/black collar, approx age 2 years. very timid.


Tel: 07947 375704

(New College, Swindon) Lost Cat 17th June 2013

Black long haired neutered male cat, wearing orange/black collar, approx age 2 years. very timid.


Tel: 07947 375704

(Gorse Hill, Swindon) Lost Cat 14th June 2013

Male, tabby cat with red collar, young adult about 2 years old. Missing from Gorse Hill Area.


Tel: 07974 387851

(Calne, near Quarry) Lost Dog 14th June 2013

Diesel, Black & tan German Shepherd cross Terrier. Scar near left eye. About 8 years old. Was last seen wearing brown leather collar, heading towards Lower Compton/Compton Bassett.


Tel: 07824 667602

(Cricklade) Lost Cat 12th June 2013

Hartley will be 2 years old in August. He's a slim but very long cat and big. He's a white and tabby with a heart on the right elbow which is why he's called Hartley. He has been done and is micro chipped. We have reported him lost to the micro chip company. He lives in Cricklade and would really like him to come home.

Tel: 07872 436989

(Gorse Hill, Swindon) Lost Cat 25th May 2013

Small male house cat. Looks like a small black smoke Maine Coon but just a moggy. Dark grey/ black fluffy fur with white under coat fur. Very chatty.


Tel: 07864 535739

(Oakhurst) Lost Cat 6th May 2013

Minty is 11 years old with beautiful grey colouring and went missing from Oakhurst after I let her out for the first time since moving. She's very placid and loves to be cuddled but not carried.


Tel: 07830 173357

(Melksham, Wiltshire) Lost Cat 26th March 2013

Smartie is a black, short haired two year old female. Scar on belly button from being neutered, not microchipped. Slightly Burmese. Very lively and full of fun. Disappeared out on a walk. We live near forest, Melksham, Wilts. SN12 7BB. Desperate to have her back home.

Tel: 07780 437317

(Walcott) Lost Dog 2013

Roko, male, brindle colour staff/boxer. Jumped over friends garden fence July 2012, he is microchipped, about year old with white patch on chest. Big softy will approach anyone with happiness, good with other dogs and children still missing to date.

Tel: 07848 414017

(Eider Avenue, Lyneham) Lost Cat 5th March 2013

Domestic Short Haired 6 year old male neutered cat. Ginger with white paws, bib and belly. Very friendly. Microchipped, no collar.


Tel: 07725 115392

(Calne) Lost Cat 8th/9th February 2013

Missing Cat. His name is Rio, he is very shy but very lovely. He is all black, with huge yellow eyes and a little white tuff on the front of his chest. He is microchipped and has been registered. We only recently adopted him, so he may be making his way home as we blocked and locked the cat flap, however he escaped.

Tel: 01249 812649

(Wootton Bassett) Lost Cat 6th February 2013

Amy is a small tabby with a white neck she wears a silver/grey collar. She is very friendly and sorely missed.


Tel: Contact the Haven

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