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On a 20-acre patch of land just East of Wootton Bassett Swindon Wiltshire the Warwick family dream is reaching fruition. After 20 years of trials and tribulations, the animal loving family have finally realised their goal and opened a much needed animal sanctuary for Swindon Wiltshire. John Warwick and his wife Deana are the founders of the Swindon & District Animal Haven, born out of families business, Warwick Farm. Magen one of our past rescue dog

Alongside six children to care for, the couple also support literally hundreds of animals. Both recall being obsessed by animals during their childhood years, I grew up in a small village in Gloucester I was always covered in muck as a result of helping the farmer across the road with his pigs,"said John". Deana agreed that her childhood was also dominated by her love of all things furry. "Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters- I had them all she said. They are all Gods creatures and there's no hidden agenda with animals said John.

Pollyanne one of the Webmasters German Shepherds

Our first tenants were a flock of rare White Faced Woodland sheep belonging to a farmers widow who could no longer look after them. Word of the Warwicks generosity quickly spread and they were inundated with calls from people needing to find new homes for their animals. So many people know about us now we simply could not afford to keep looking after the dogs, cats and other animals out of our own pockets any longer said John, who at one point had to take on an additional building job just to feed the animals. So we are now a Non-profit making pet rescue Sanctuary who rely on the hard work of a team of dedicated volunteers looking after unwanted Swindon Pets.

Before we knew it we were a pet rescue sanctuary, but we are more than happy to take this route. So in July 1999, with the help of local firms and other farmers, the Swindon & District Animal Haven was born. Now the pet rescue center is home to a whole range of animals, including domestic pets like cats and dogs. There are plans to build a cattery to cope with the growing demands of the District. But the plucky pair don't plan to settle just yet, the next thing we want to do is to set up a educational area for the children to come and learn about the animals. We even hope to build a animal hospital on the site in the future, if we can raise the funds. If you would like to Help the Haven please contact them. 
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